Going through the family court is traumatic. The process and the terminology are completely un-familiar and the system can feel combative and hostile. Michael knows the system extremely well and was able to prepare me for each step of the process. It is a truly horrible and emotional experience, where you feel at your worst, but Michael made it bearable through meticulous preparation. He genuinely believes that a successful outcome happens when the wishes and feelings of the children are at the centre of every negotiation. Michael helped me to consider practical ways to ensure that each child had the contact arrangements that were workable for them.
Emma Hill

“During a lengthy 18 month battle in the family court, I often thought of giving up as I found the experience really daunting and nerve-racking. A few weeks leading up to the final hearing, I met with Michael for a private coaching session. During the session, I was made to feel very comfortable. Michael asked a series of questions in order to get an overview of my case along with reviewing recent court documents. He explored a range of techniques and approaches with me, which I later found to be very useful in the family court. Having left Michael’s setting that day I felt empowered to take on my self represented family court case and was clearly able to see things from my child’s point of view. I am thankful to Michael as having taken on board his suggestions and advice, I achieved my desired outcome, one that is child focused and workable.
Thanks again.
Kind regards,
Alana Alphonse.


“Michael has been a phenomenal pillar of guidance and support for some years.  His in depth knowledge of the courts, the legal process, but most importantly the needs and right of children in family law make him a first point of call.  When representing oneself, it is important to be calm and child focussed, and Michael’s reassurance and expert opinion have assisted enormously through years of tiresome litigation.  Sadly of course, not much can be done if a resolution cannot be reached outside of the courts – however  – exploring every safe route possible to do so must ultimately be kinder to all involved, and Michael has provided countless pointers and suggestions which have helped enormously in looking to achieve this.” 

Jodie Bennett-Stearn


John Doe

John Doe