Miissing dad story
Story of sad child missing his dad

My Family Court Story

A key questions you might want answered is: Why should you spend your time listening to me?

My story below will answer your question.

Childhood Story

It began a long time ago when I was a little boy (in my formative years i.e. between 0-7 years old).

My parents separated and divorced when I was young and I grew up with my mum,  and three brothers.

My brothers always felt different from me.

Like there was something different about me – something missing in me, that wasn’t missing in them.

But I never understood why?

That question in one way or another would haunt me throughout my life.

As a  young man I didn’t really know what I wanted to do.

The Story Of Why I Work With Children

But I found myself somehow drawn towards children and I qualified as a social worker.

I specialised in working with children who were abused, neglected, or suffered harm. Which meant that I soon became very used to working as an expert within court proceedings.

Before I realised it I had gained over twenty five year’s experience of working as an expert in the family court.

But, I still didn’t have an answer to the question that had bugged me all of my life. Why was I so different from my brothers…after all we had the same parenting had we not???

The answer did not come to me until after my mother had passed away – a revelation that hit me one day out of the blue.

Was it by chance that I had gravitated to work with children and parents?

No it wasn’t!

It had not happened by chance. Instead I was compelled to do so.

I could have lived my entire life failing to piece something hugely significant together.

So…what was it?

The Story Of Trauma

Well, one day after my mother died I was talking to a friend of mine. Our conversation was about trauma and how as children we sometimes forget things that cause us too much pain.

Our subconscious mind protects us by hiding our memory of the trauma from our consciousness.

Mine had done this for me. It blocked out my memory of how devastated I’d been as a  child when my father disappeared from my life.

I only found out I’d been traumatised when my brother could remember us seeing dad after the separation, and I couldn’t.

This was a major revelation.

I was drawn to working with children because I had experienced their same time of pain?

The Story Of Why I was Different 

But why I was so different from my brothers?

Because what I learnt from social work and working with children, is that my first attachment had been to my dad.

Was I so different from my brothers and why did it affect me throughout my life?

The answer, is that I was not so different to my brothers. We were all incredibly lucky to have the mother that we had, for as long as we had her.

It was just that my first attachment, unlike my brothers, was to my dad. That’s why I experienced a level of trauma that impacted so strongly on me, throughout my life.

What’s In The Story For You?  

But what has that got to do with you?

Well…I am living proof of the impact of separation on children who are attached to the parent that they no longer see regularly or at all.

The end result of my experiences is that I’m uniquely qualified to help you represent yourself confidently at family court.

My early life experiences and professional work as an expert in the court has enabled me to help parents with their family law case.

Ihis is the reason I am extremely well qualified to assist you with your family law matter.

Thank you for reading my childhood story!

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