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What is a Good Mother?

I’m sure you have your own ideas about what a good mother is and how she would behave. My view about how a good mother behaves (and I could equally be talking about a good father here) is that she’s someone who puts her children’s needs first before those of her own or her partner’s if she has one.

Good mother’s think about their children’s needs wishes and feelings. In short they have the capacity to empathise

with their child/ren and see things from their child’s point of view.

Good mother’s do not just think short term, but instead are also thinking about their child’s future and what they need to help them grow up to be independent, healthy and happy adults.

A good mother is someone who is aware of the home environment and does her best to ensure it is clean, tidy, comfortable and a nurturing, safe environment for her children to grow up in. This means that she does her best to ensure that arguments and discord are kept to a bare minimum and that her children do not witness or are not exposed to domestic abuse and violence.

Even if or when their partner or husband has been abusive or unkind, she recognises that he is still the father of her children and that the children will be harmed if she attempts to say derogatory things about their father. She realises that children do not need to hear and are harmed by hearing negative remarks about either of their parents from the other parent, or anyone else.

A good mother is loving, firm and fair. She recognises that she is not her child’s best friend, instead she has the enormous responsibility of instilling values such as love, good manners, discipline, appropriate morals and confidence or belief in his or herself.

A mother who genuinely loves her child and understands the family court process is very unlikely to go to court without having a very good reason to do so. She would rather come to an amicable resolution, if at all possible. She would prefer to compromise in her child and her own (long term) best interests.

In addition, she knows that children are not islands and need to develop the capacity to cooperate with and interact harmoniously with others and so she teaches them this skill by the way she lives her life.