Your Family Court Experiences

I am not aware of any kind of monitoring or reviewing of private law family court cases by the court or any other body and it occurs to me that the court might be making many decisions which have or lead to favourable outcomes from the child’s point of view or, in contrast they could be disastrous.
This being the case I’d really love to hear from parents who have been through the family court process, by giving as much or as little information you choose to share about your case and most importantly the impact the court’s decisions have had on your child as well as yourself.
If you know other parents who have a story they wish to tell please ask them to contact me.
I can be contacted by emailing me at or calling me on 07960-077063. Please be sure to leave a message in the event that you cannot get through to me straight away.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your experiences and those of your child’s with me. If there are lots of parents who are being well served by the family court’s that’s great information that the public at large should be aware of. Conversely if the opposite is true, then it’s only by having this sort of information and presenting it to the relevant authorities that the case for changes can be made.

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