J.Bennett wrote:Michael has been an amazing support to me over the last few months, I
only wish I had found him sooner. My family has been in and out of the
family court for the last 3 years-much to my own dismay-their wealthy
father sees this pursuit as sport, seemingly in order to make us all
miserable-our young children tragically caught in the crossfire of
emotional warfare. Michael has provided re-assurance and guidance
higlighting various ways to approach the situation, empowering me to
handle it myself, and continues to make himself available. Clearly he
is someone who is passionate about his job, his purpose, and is
committed to helping individuals who find themselves embroiled in
legal action, whilst maintaining the child-focused attitude that I
implore parents/carers to hang-on to at all times. Thanks Michael

I have just had my free consultation today with Michael Watson.  It has got to be said, this consultation was invaluable to me as I have to represent myself in family court and had no idea whatsoever what was expected of me and where I stood.

Michael has given me things to think about that never would have entered into my head.  I have been really nervous and unconfident thinking about the hearing, now after speaking to Michael I feel a lot better.  I am more aware of things that I may be asked and how the court and Local Authority think and what I need to look at.

I would recommend Michael’s consultation without hesitancy.  He has been a life-line for me.

P.  Cardiff.

I found the coaching session with michael extremely helpful and invaluable. I would say that representing yourself in a family court is a very challenging thing to do but I’m confident that with michaels help I can do the best job I can and argue things from my child perspective. Talking over things with someone who is neutral and has a lot of experience in the family court has been a great help. I’ve been able to run things by him and get feedback as well as think about what I want to get across to the court in the best way for I can given that time is very limited in that scenario. I would highly recommend Michael’s services to anyone considering going through this process and I feel better prepared both practically and emotionally for the highly stressful court process as a result. If you are truly sincere about going through this process for the well being of your child then family court coaching will enable you to be well prepared both practically and emotionally.

Thanks Michael,

H Morgan.

After reading the book how to represent yourself in family court I decided to email the author, got a swift reply and a phone call was scheduled.
After speaking to Michael Watson I soon understood I was out of my depth and needed urgent assistance. I was given a structure of what was required as in the book and took on the massive task of producing a statement. Incidentally my statement was full of emotion and pain, Michael was able to strip the statement to facts and valid points. I belive the service he offers to be a valuable tool if you intend to go through the family court system. I would advise anyone in this position to use the services available through family Court Coaching.
M. Dovies

I contacted Michael for advice about my court case. I found his knowledge to be concise, straightforward and above all family centred. At every step he encouraged me to reflect upon what would be best for my son and how I could best communicate this in court. He gave me the confidence to represent myself.

I approached Michael in June 2014 as I faced a Family Court hearing in July. Michael offered me clear and invaluable advice as to how to approach the initial interview with CafCASS, which was to take place prior to Court. At an emotional time, Michael used his experience to guide me through the important issues, those on which I needed to focus – to leave behind the anger and frustration and just concentrate on my children’s needs. I found Michael to be extremely knowledgeble, patience and above all clearly determined to provide to best help and advice he could. Really pleased I made contact with him.

Grahame Penny, East Yorkshire.

Michael is able to stand back and challenge whether what you do is in your child’s best interests. Parents always think they’re doing what’s best for their children.
Right from the start he got me to think about what was in my children’s best interests.
He understood the players and the roles they play, so that I got relevant advice about what to expect. He told me the types of things the Cafcass Officer is interested in, as well as what to expect from the judge or the court. Lawyers don’t think like this or help you in this way.
Going to court is frightening and confrontational, but his coaching gives you confidence. It’s all about preparation and being able to perform.
His calm and experienced coaching is priceless and without which I would not have been able to represent myself successfully at court.
Thanks Michael.

E. Hill


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