McKenzie Friend Support

One of the most frightening aspects of going to family court proceedings with the intention of representing yourself, is the lonely and distressing thought that you are all alone and have no other support when you might need it most.

I think that for most parents, a significant part of what they need to help them cope with and come through the family court process, is both practical and emotional support.

Obviously parents who aren’t experienced at going to court regarding their private law family case, will need and benefit from the practical support required to help them with their statement for example, or with presenting their case to the court.

But in my view, it is also vital that parents have the opportunity of receiving as much emotional support as possible.

I would not want you to underestimate how vital this type of support can be to most parents during an intensely stressful period in your life.

Thus having the support of a McKenzie Friend who can, not only, provide you with the practical support necessary, but in addition can offer you much needed emotional support, will be invaluable  to your family court experience.

Many parents go to court very entangled, embittered and distressed with the emotional upset and scarring following their recent separation or divorce.

As a consequence, they are frequently not in the best position or emotional state to represent themselves to the best of their ability.

It really helps to have the opportunity to talk through how you’re feeling about your ex partner, or ex spouse, your child/ren and about the case with someone who will listen, but will also redirect or refocus your thoughts in a positive way.

Good McKenzie friend support can offer you this vital form of support at a time when you most need it.

Although, they cannot speak for you in court, much of the work they do with you has to take place outside of and prior to your court hearings, so that you go to court prepared and fairly confident regarding your ability to present your case and represent yourself.

Whilst you are in court however, they can of course offer much needed support in prompting you to speak or to be quiet at certain times, when your emotions might be getting the better of you, or you’re in danger of jeopardising your case due to your potential misconduct.

They can also make notes and pass them to you at crucial times during your hearing, or remind you verbally (whispering in your ear) about what to say or bring to the court’s attention.

Gaining the support of a McKenzie friend sitting with you throughout your court case and proceedings, provides you with an invaluable level of support, because it is often difficult for you to be able to hold an overview of everything that is happening and it is much easier for your McKenzie friend to be able to see things which you cannot see.

This enables him or her to be able to strategically intervene at the most appropriate times to provide you with the best support possible to your case.

I offer McKenzie Friend support and if you would like to know more about the service, or require it, please contact us.  

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