Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a judge or jury?
What is going to happen today?
What is a “directions hearing”?
Will I have to speak or be given the chance to speak?
Will I understand the legal terminology (and what happens if I don’t)?
Are they going to take my children away?
Will social services be getting involved-I’ve heard bad things about them simply taking peoples kids away?
Will my ex be able to interrogate me?
How long will I be in the courtroom for?
Will I be believed – of course I plan on telling the truth – but do the courts assume that people will lie?
What rules, if any, do I need to be aware of?
If the father is the applicant and his response brings new allegations to the table or denies I have made against him, how do I go about asking the judge to submit more evidence after I have submitted my statement?
Will I need any “evidence” at the first hearing?
I don’t really know what to say or how I greet the Judge
If I have no representation but the “other side” does, how on earth do I stand a chance? I’m no legal brain?
Will I need a barrister or solicitor present? Is it really necessary?
How am I going to cope with going to court?
What do I do if my solicitor or barrister isn’t doing what I ask them to do (in court) & generally?
What happens after the first hearing?
What happens after a directions hearing?
What do I have to expect when a final order is made?
Do I get to make any decisions or amendments or will the judge decide everything?
What happens if me or my ex don’t stick to the order?
If a warning has been attached to the order to ensure compliance – is this standard or serious?
What happens if the respondent is late with their response statement what can I do?
Re: parental responsibility – what can I do If I believe that the true motive behind the Father asking for PR or excessive time with the kids is really control of me and NOT about the children?
I’ve heard of CAFCASS – who are they? What do they do? I’ve heard a lot of negative press surrounding them, should I worry?
My ex is using the court system to harass me – how can I stop this?
What if following a court order being made final, the “father” then doesn’t bother to abide by it (i.e. doesn’t turn up to see the kids) but then after some time (i.e. 1 year) then surfaces & insists that the court order be abided by? Do I then have to stick to the order?
How can I stop the mother controlling me via contact with my children?
Are there provisions made if I feel unsafe around my ex?
If I go to court with my new partner would he able to be there in the courtroom? Would he be able to speak for me?
What exactly is a Mckenzie friend?
How can I stop my child’s mother using my child as a weapon against me?

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