Parents who are separating or who have separated  often experience much conflict and confusion about what to do for the best, for themselves and their child/ren. Not just about the family court process, although the pressures of court frequently tend to dominate parents minds.

It invariably helps to talk matters through with someone who can be very supportive, but independent, who can help you see ‘the woods from the trees’, who can encourage you and guide you to identify what’s most important to you and your child currently and in the longer term.

Your free consultation can be on whatever you want it to be on, in other words it can be used by you in whatever way seems helpful to you. You can use it to prepare for your case or to simply clear up any matters you might be unsure about.

Just to be clear with you, although this consultation is free, its real value to you is priceless. What price for example would you estimate on coaching or consultation which helped save you and your child years of grief and conflict or thousands of pounds by pointing you in the right direction and offering you appropriate support in the first place.

If you think about it, or even ask others who have been through the family court process, the vast majority of people would have welcomed an opportunity to talk through their case or a matter of their choice prior to going through it.

So please make good use of the opportunity.

Why is it free, you might be wondering?

Well because it helps me keep abreast of the types of issues parents are struggling with such that I can offer better and more appropriate support to children and parents.


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