Becoming a credible expert witness doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, experience and practice.

But if you take the time to learn the necessary knowledge and skills, you’ll be surprised at what you can become within a relatively short period of time.
Whether you are a parent who needs to represent themselves in private family court proceedings or a children and family social worker who needs to learn how to give evidence in court better; the process of developing these skills is the same.

You need to think clearly about what you think is best for your child or the child in question.
What are their needs?
What is their routine?
Who are they significantly attached to?
Do they have any special needs?
What are there ethnic, cultural, linguistic, religious needs etc.?
What is their age and level of understanding?
Do they attend school or nursery?
Any other factors that are crucial to their sense of well being?
Consider the implications of the above questions for your child.
Having considered theses factors you now have to turn to make an assessment on the parenting they need and would receive from the parent in question.
Would the parent that you are looking at be able to meet your child or this child’s needs and if so, to what extent.
Obviously, if you are the other parent in a private law matter you also have to be as objective as possible and focus your thoughts on how well you yourself can meet your child’s needs.
Whether you are a social worker or a parent in private law proceedings you have to be able to put your child/child in question’s needs first and be consistent in whatever argument you put forward throughout.
This page cannot of course, fully do justice to what is entailed in giving evidence, representing yourself at court and dealing adequately with cross-examination.
Should you require more information, please feel free to make contact via the contact form or just give me a call.

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